Sunday, June 12, 2011

My Humble Quilting Area....

My quilting area....I am still quilting my sunset quilt but I cut and pieced the strips seen here

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Albuquerque Sunset

This is my first strip quilt, super easy and addicting! Because I am trying to sharpen my free motion quilting skills this was the perfect quilt to continue practicing on. Here are a few close-ups of the quilting I have done and then the completed quilt minus addtional quilting and binding.

Funny: I thought I would hate the colors and for a while I did and then it really grew on me.
I  like it a lot!

I tried to find something in the pattern of the top fabric that I could mimic in the quilting like swirly suns.


flowing lines

Need to continue quilting the areas individually and then bind!

Pinwheels in Stars

~Pinwheels and Stars~
I made this quilt for Kaylee it was the first quilt I attempted and quilted in free motion. I really loved the way it came out and she loves it too!


A king size black and white log cabin top that I made for my dad and his wife.

Psycho Log Cabin

~Busy Boys~
I made this at a quilting class with Natalie, it was definately different. I decided that it would be for my son Chris, however I never did finish it. I got as far as the top and that's it. I'm not sure why, it's one of the quilts I see daily as it has always hung on the walls of his rooms.

Blues Window

~Singing the Blues~
This was fun to make and see come together!

Stars and Stripes

~Stars and Stripes~
I loved the way Chris' quilt came out that it inspired me to do this Americana rail fence quilt. Still one of my favorites.

To Infinity and Beyond

~To infinity and beyond~
This is a classic rail fence pattern. I made this for my son Chris who likes earth science. I loved the way it turned out!

Angel Fund

~Snowflakes and Snowmen~
I made this quilt for a private program called the Angel Fund. This quilt help raise lots of money through the sale of raffle tickets. I was so happy to be a part of this wonderful cause. The money raised went to families in need of presents and clothes for Christmas!


Natalie and I made this quilt by order. Natalie did most of the work but we had fun doing it and the fact that it was sort of business gave us an excuse to spend more time together quilting and talking!
~Cups of Coffee~
This was made for a friend at the time my Supervisor. She opened up a Christian coffee shop and wanted this as a wall hanging.

The Beginning~Kaylee's Colors

Kaylee's Colors
My very 1st quilt ever! My best friend Natalie who quilts beautifully, check out her blog, taught me to quilt. Together we pieced and quilted the above quilt for my daughter Kaylee's 3rd birthday. It was so much fun to learn how to use a sewing machine, and be able to see such tiny pieces come together and create a lasting memory. (When she grew out of it we turned it into a wallhanging for her room she uses it to display pictures)